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 Habu Textiles

Cutting edge fibres made with stainless steel, merino, silks , Cotton gima in the most wonderful clear colours.

Habu Textiles - 1/20 Silk stainless steelHabu Textiles - 1/20 Silk stainless steel
Habu Textiles - Stainless steel with merinoHabu Textiles - Stainless steel with merino
Wool with memory in warm tones.
Habu Textiles - 31/1 Linen steelHabu Textiles - 31/1 Linen steel
Stainless steel wrapped with linen.
Habu textiles - CopperbooHabu textiles - Copperboo
Copper wrapped with bamboo. It has the most wonderful copper colour shining through the bamboo.
Habu textiles TsumugiHabu textiles Tsumugi
100% silk in a spun in a tweed style.
Habu textiles - 2/26 Pure cashmereHabu textiles - 2/26 Pure cashmere
Beautiful pure cashmere
Habu textiles Silk wrapped merino -N80Habu textiles Silk wrapped merino -N80
4 strands of fine merino is wrapped in super fine silk.
Habu Pure linenHabu Pure linen
100% Linen
Habu cotton gimaHabu cotton gima
Habu textiles fine merinoHabu textiles fine merino
2/48 fine merino in jewel colours. incredible soft and 1 - 2 oz's will make a scarf.
Habu Textiles Root sizing silkHabu Textiles Root sizing silk
A pure silk fibre in a ribbon format in beautiful intense colours.
Habu textiles Tobi moireHabu textiles Tobi moire
Lace thread with intermittent little velvet bits.
Habu Textiles Ramie100 Col 5Habu Textiles Ramie100 Col 5

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